Current Class Offerings
The current American Tribal Style class meets on Wednesday evenings.
Class meets from 6:30-7:30pm in West Asheville.

Classes sessions:   March-May, June-August, September-November

bellydance class fees: 


Dancers age 8-12 are $6/class WITH a paying adult.

Classes are dependent on registration.  Class may be canceled if there is not enough interest.  Please pre-register for class(es) you will be attending.  Class size is limited to 20 students.  The exception is any veil class with a maximum of 10 students.

  If this is your first class with us, please call ahead to reserve your spot.

Register by emailing [email protected] or by calling 828-713-1976

things you need to know

  •   Please be on time for class.  If you will be late, take the time to warm yourself up before joining class - your body will thank you!  

  •  I do not offer refunds.
  •   A limited number of hip scarves are available for you to borrow in class.  I encourage you to purchase your own hip scarf -- it's fun to practice with one at home!  You are welcome to wear whatever you feel comfortable dancing in.  You are not required to show your belly;  I do encourage students to wear a top that allows you to see what's going on with your mid-section.  

  •   Zils are required for Level 2 (and up) ATS students and highly recommended for ATS Drills and Jam Sessions.

  •   I encourage you to bring a water bottle.  You'll want to have water!

  •   Come to class with a positive attitude.  Please know that bellydance is not a competition.  I strive to hold classes in a friendly and welcoming environment.  We are here to learn together and support each other.  Do not show up to class with a bad attitude.  Negative thoughts, vibes and remarks will not be tolerated.

  •  Occasionally we will have a live drummer or drummers for our class.  Dancing with live music is really a treat!  It's wonderful to learn to dance to both live and recorded music.  I will give advance notice when a drummer will be coming and it would be a kind gesture to tip the musician(s).

meet your instructor

Hi.  I'm Ani.   I attended my first bellydance workshop on vacation in Wilmington in 2001.  Returning to Boone (and no bellydance), I started learning Egyptian style using videotapes.  It wasn't until 2004 that an amazing bellydancer moved to Boone.  Maya Christina was my first teacher.  It was an honor to dance with her!

My American Tribal Style (ATS) education began in 2007.  I watched Jenny Helms of MoonSister dance an ATS duet at a workshop.  I was awestruck and immediately in love.  I didn't realize how different ATS was from my tribal fusion style.  My search began. 

I found a teacher in Newton who had been trained by Carolena Nericcio (the creator of ATS).  I started classes with her.  Maysameh was, and still is, an amazing teacher:  fun to be around, very knowledgeable and infinitely encouraging.   I danced Egyptian Folkloric and Tribal with her students.  In her classes I found an awesome group of women who were so welcoming and so friendly and very supportive!

In the Fall of 2008, I traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to attend ATS General Skills with Carolena Nericcio (of FatChance Bellydance) and Megha Gavin (of Devyani).  What an incredible weekend!!   Having my General Skills certificate, I came back to Boone and began to teach ATS to a very small, but eager group of students.  We've learned together and grown together. 

Still pursuing ATS, I returned to Milwaukee in October 2009 to complete my Teacher Training, again with Carolena.  I was blessed to be able to get in on Teacher Training 2 while I was there.    I think my favorite part of the training was the morning a few of the students showed up a bit early to dance.  It was amazing to be able to dance with dancers from all over the country!  Carolena was wonderful, as usual.  She is always so generous and helpful and kind!  I imagine she has to be very patient to sit there while we teach her the moves she created!!  

Back in Boone again, I decided to pursue Sister Studio status.  That means I will teach exclusively FatChanceBellydance-brand ATS and that Carolena will be my mentor.  Of course!!  Within a few days back, I was accepted as a Sister Studio!   I could hardly believe it!

In 2015, I moved to Asheville and began teaching here.  Asheville has blessed me with many opportunities to dance and to perform.  In addition to performing with two different bellydance troupes, I also perform with Seduction Sideshow, and Unifire Theater.  I have truly found my tribe in Asheville!

I attend workshops every chance I get:  Zoe Jakes, Megha Gavin, Momo Kadous,  Rachel Brice, and Mardi Love.  I've taken workshops focusing on veil, floorwork, cane dance, shimmies, zils, sword work and holistic bellydance. So, I may offer fusion classes or Orientale or maybe even a bit of Bhangra, but ATS is where my heart is.  There is something about seeing the power inherent in these women show through.   It's the cooperation, the respect and the positive attitude.  Seeing women come to class unsure & nervous and watching them dance a few months later with beautiful posture and their heads held high - that's what makes ATS so incredible! 


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