Class Descriptions:

(not all classes are offered at all times)

  We are primarily an American Tribal Style (ATS) studio.  Ani teaches and performs ATS as developed by FatChanceBellydance and Carolena Nericcio.  ATS is a lead-&-follow style with a focus on improvisation as a troupe.   Click here for more information on ATS.

American Tribal Style Classes

ATS Level 1:  Basics -- THE introduction to American Tribal Style (ATS).  This is a 6-weeks, learn-the-basics session.  We will start with the four basic movement families:  Egyptian Basic, Arabic, pivot bump and shimmy.  We will build on the basic movements and learn simple turns.  This class is perfect for beginners and great for any level dancer to review!  Level 1 may be placed on hold pending registration minimum.

ATS Level 1:  Techniques and Variations -- Expand your Level I technique.  Level I:  Techniques and Variations is a great pre-Level II class.  Take your Level I moves farther with a serious focus on technique.  We'll work into more shimmies and turns to get you ready to jump in to Level II.  This is a 6-weeks session that sometimes alternates with Level I:  Basics.

ATS Level II -- For those of you who have a good grasp of the basic movements, thveil choreography, part II Level 2 class is for you.  We will spend the first minutes drilling basic movements.  Then expand on the basics, learning variations, layering & embellishments.  For the rest of the class, we divide into small groups and practice learning how to dance within our groups.  This class is pure American Tribal Style and we will follow ATS formations and guidelines.  This is a great opportunity to practice improv in a very casual setting.  Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.  You can dress down or come in costume!  

ATS Level III -- The next level adds even more movement variations and floorwork to your ATS vocabulary!   Level III also introduces you to fast, duet-only moves.

ATS Drills  -- American Tribal Style Drills!!  An hour of hard work to perfect ATS moves.  This class is open to all levels, however it is recommended that you have completed or be currently enrolled in ATS Level I.  Every move will be broken down.  Be prepared to pick apart and fine-tune your ATS dancing, working on a single move for the entire hour if necessary.  This class is great for the serious ATS dancer and/or performing students.

Mixed Level Improv  --  A class for all levels.  (Must have completed Level I.)  We'll begin with 15- 20 minutes of review and break-down of move(s) requested by students.  Then we will discuss dancing as a chorus.   Class goals will be to smooth transitions between chorus & lead group and  to improve communication among all dancers.

Duets Workshop -- This is a session that runs 6-8 weeks and is open to all levels.  In American Tribal Style, Duets are a special kind of improv that is really open and relaxed.  Dancers work together: communication is easier and ATS rules are much more flexible.  In the Duets Workshop we will start with the basics and work into upper level moves all danced with a partner.  Variations sometime seem endless as dancers play off one another to create a dance in the moment!

Slow Tribal Intensive  -- In American Tribal Style the movements are grouped into two repertoires:  slow and fast.  This is a class focused on the slow moves of ATS.  We dance to the melody of the music, listening to the phrasing and emotion in the music.  We'll begin with basic posture and dance formations, but we won't stick to only Level 1 moves.  The class will include the basic slow movements but then will build on them.  We will work on all levels of Slow ATS; starting at the beginning and going from there.  Higher levels movements include turns, levels, duet work and floorwork.


Other Class Offerings

Intro to Tribal Fusion -- A fun, funky beginner-level class.  Learn hip and chest isolations and begin to get to know the muscles you really use in fusion bellydance.  This class is for all levels and is highly recommended for those interested in dancing with fire.

Bellydance Basics --  An introduction to basic bellydance moves.  No matter what style you dance, some bellydance movements are universal.  Come learn basic hip techniques and body isolations.  This class is a great way to get started in bellydance!! 

Combos and Drills -- Combos and Drills is a pre-choreography class for students who are working to write their own choreography.  We will learn two or three new combos each week and drill them.  We'll talk about variations on the combos and  get you thinking about how to use them in your dance.

Orientale-inspired Fitness -- This is a non-cumulative class designed to introduce some Orientale combinations and get you moving.  We will begin with a warm-up and introduce a handful of basic bellydance movements.  Then we'll work the movements into combos and dance them 'til we drop!  Open to all levels!

Beginner Veil -- Learn a simple, Orientale veil choreography inspired by Maya Christina (Annie's first teacher).  This is a wonderful class for beginners.  The easy traveling steps and gentle arm movements will introduce you to the dance in a beautiful way!  Session runs for 3 months.  A veil is required; silk is recommended.  Open to all levels!

Veil II -- The Aicha veil choreography.  This dance combines veil with tribal-fusion dance.  We'll keep the veil work simple, but the fusion moves will take some work.  Be prepared to work your upper body with sidewinders and leaning mayas! 

  -- A fast-paced veil solo.   This choreography is great practice using the entire stage!  Traveling moves, tempo changes and flowy turns with the veil make this choreography lots of fun to dance.   The dance will be taught with variations, making it suitable for all levels of dancer. 

Dragon Dance-- An ATS-inspired candle choreography.  Lots of arm work, few body isolations and intense music make Dragon Dance a fun, but easy-to-learn fire choreography.

"1001 Nights"-- An Egyptian-style choreography.  Students will learn basic traveling steps, hip isolations and simple turns.  Dance to a classic Egyptian song!

Costuming Workshops -- Hair Workshop:  This is a session focusing on ATS Hair.  In ATS, dancers wear their hair up to allow following dancers to read cues more easily.  We will work on hair flowers, falls, headbands and putting together a tribal hair style.  Students will need a notebook and pencil and may bring any supplies they like.  Basic supplies will be provided.

Pantaloons Workshop:  This is a single-day workshop to teach you how to sew ATS-style pantaloons.  Usually there are two pricing options:  suppling all necessary fabrics and notions or you provide your own.  In 2-3 hours time you can craft a new, custom-fit pair of pantaloons.

 Troupe Practice -- Extra practice for performing troupe members only.

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