For all of time women have danced.

We dance to entertain, we dance for joy.

We dance to celebrate life, love and the beauty inherent in all women.

Come join us!


  Ancient Moon Bellydance is primarily an American Tribal Style troupe. 

 ATS is a modern style of belly dance characterized by beautifully costumed dancers, lead-&-follow formations, vibrant music, and a tribal cooperation.

Classes are offered in Boone and Asheville.  Private lessons are available.

We are available for hire for your Girl's Night Out, bridal shower, mama blessing, Sweet Sixteen Party, etc. . .Contact us at:  [email protected]


























We dance because we must.  There is not a choice to be made.  It is a love, a passion that we've found to embellish our lives.  We dance because this movement is part of us.  It is part of our hearts, our souls.  It is part of our long-forgotten past.  Belly dance is who we are and is influencing who we become.






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